Current and Past Clients of
Buddha-Zen studios

Stone City - rock Band page
Phil Roy- folk
Husitutes- metal
Mellow Veneerband site
BrandNEWGods- rock metal
Tabloid Society - pop rockband site
NewWayDown - country folk
Tangents - horn rock
David Newman - yoga chant
Robin Renee - yoga chant
The Black Soulsband site
Purple Genrals - old country
The Mighty Paradocs - band site
The Difference - live hip hop
Beast Infection - noise
Storm - rock
New Ponyband site
Naughty Naughty Nurses -band site
absolute zeros -soul popband site
MECCA - mindful poetryband site
swiss click - rap
Roulette - metal
restoration music- gospel
Sinister Candy- metal
Noizeband site
spl - rap
Rev Tea Bags
and His Fantabulous teabaggdelicsband site
Hymns Murder Hearts - country pop
Urban Liquor Store Riot - metal
Lucy and her Squeeze - Cajun

Jazz Artist
Byard Lancaster
Female Singer/Songwriter
Nicki Jaine
Male Singer/Songwriter
Jason Jeffries
HipHop artist
TrU SuSpectS
Loose Cannons
Rock Band
Hard Rock Band
Black Umbrella
R and B Band
Real Time
Punk Artist
Reggae Artist
Timi and the Dub
Country Artist
Ben Carton
Dance Mix
Beat Monkey
Garage Rock
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